An Inside Look At The Home Of The Headless Horseman – Sleepy Hollow

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

In the year 1820 Washington Irving’s book “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow,” he created a town in which he described as the peaceful hamlet near the shores of the Hudson River. The town was Sleepy Hollow and it was located only 2 miles from Tarry town, and was reportedly haunted by visions, lights and strange visions. Sounds a bit like the town was visited by aliens more than anything, However eventually the fictional town become real and North Tarry town officially became Sleepy Hollow.

Since as early as 1900 people have come to the town to embrace the story and all the mystery and lore behind it. Fast-forward a 120 years later the town is still filled with visitors looking to relive the amazing story.  The town is proud of its legacy and even local fire engines have pictures of the Horseman on their doors.

There isn’t a spot in the town that you can’t find something related to the book.  It’s basically been transformed into the living version of the book, minus the scary headless horseman riding around town scaring everyone. Today we found some videos that will take you around Sleepy Hollow and some of its famous locations.

Video Source – Book Groupie

Video Source – Bryton Taylor

Video Source – Ricky Somborn

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