An Old Interview Of Ed Warren Giving An In-Depth Tour Of The Occult Museum

The Warrens Occult Museum

The famous paranormal investigator‘s Ed and Lorraine Warren amassed a large collection of haunted and cursed objects. Things they collected at various places they had gone to help others at. These aren’t your average ordinary collector’s items, they’re cursed and haunted objects. They are items no one alive would or should have in their possession.

This is why Ed and Lorraine created the museum. It’s a way to keep these things from ever causing anyone harm or problem again. If any of these items were to get out of the museum, what would happen? I don’t think any of us would want to find out. Would you want something like Annabelle inside of your house?

Check out this old video of Ed Warren giving an actual tour of their haunted museum.

Video Source – Official Ed And Lorraine Warren Channel

The Most Haunted Museum In The World?

There are only a few haunted museums like this in the world. Locations that harbor such an evil presence, just the thought of it is enough to make you feel uneasy. Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans owns one, there’s also another one in the UK. Would you visit one of these places if you had the chance?

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