The 12 Foot Viral Halloween Skeleton That Keeps Selling Out

The 12ft Giant Skeleton

Every year during Halloween there’s always one décor item that goes viral. Thanks to a Tiktok featured video, this year’s viral Halloween décor is a 12-foot giant skeleton. The video showcased the giant skeleton strapped to the top of a Mini Cooper. The video ended up going viral and the skeleton ended up selling out.

Not too long after that, a picture of the Skeleton in the yard popped up and it ended up getting over a million likes. Now the giant skeleton is sold out, but don’t fear there are more on the way. The giant 12-foot skeleton can be purchased at Home Depot at a price tag of $299.00. The thing that sets this massive skeleton apart is its eyes that are brought to life by LCD screens.

The skeleton is a must-have this year if you’re going for some really cool Halloween décor. It’s earned a 90 5-star review at Home Depot. Everyone who has bought the skeleton has been super happy with their purchase. The skeleton is getting a lot of looks and people who are either scared or love it.

Video Source – Kvideos

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