Strange And Creepy Haunted Houses And Attractions The 13th Gate – Louisiana’s Scariest Haunted House

The 13th Gate – Louisiana’s Scariest Haunted House

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The 13th Gate – Louisiana’s Scariest Haunted House 

If you’re looking for one of the best haunted houses in the the United States, Louisiana’s 13th Gate may be what you’re looking for. If you’re reading this you’ve probably been to your share of haunted houses, we at love going to haunted houses and have been to our share in the Midwest. The 13th Gate is one of those haunted houses that we’re looking forward to visiting.

So what honestly makes for a good haunted house? Well most would agree and say something that actually scares you, something that makes your heart race with fear and excitement. You’ve probably been to a few where the scariest part of the haunted house is the price of the ticket to get in. We all have been there at one time or another, but what about a place where you forget how much you paid for your ticket and can only think about the experience?

This is what many have experienced with the 13th Gate…. How so? 

It’s The Top Rated Haunted House In the Country 

So what’s so special about the the 13th gate? Well first off they only hire the best special effects make artists and have movie scene quality set ups. The place looks like something out of a movie, imagine being able to walk through the set of your favorite horror move and be chased by creatures from it?

Talk about scary! 

Check out their promo vide 


The 13th gate is said to have over 200 actors and some amazing special effects and animatronics. Imagine seeing some crazy stuff that almost made you think it was real, would you be scared? This place has 13 awesome haunted houses and now they’ve even added a monstrous section I  won’t even tell you about. Let’s just say we’ve seen multiple pictures and have heard a ton about this new section and it’s out of this world. 

There’s a reason why this place has been rated at the top of the food chain when it comes to scariest haunted houses on the planet, it’s because of it’s quality! Don’t expect to go to the 13th gate and find your friend with a Walmart mask on and a butter knife chasing you around in some old pants he found at a Good Will store. 

They even have some new stuff coming out this fall, check out the videos 



Imagine being placed in one of these situations, what would you do, where would you go? I know it’s not real, but imagine going through this even thought you paid for it. It’s crazy to think that a place can put this much time and effort into such an idea. 

This is a MUST GO in our opinion… 


Have you ever been there?

Would you dare go through it?


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