Legend Says If You Sit In This Chair At Midnight The Devil Will Appear

The Devil’s Chair

Cassadaga, Florida is a small town known for its spiritualism. There are a lot of fortune tellers and mystics in the town. It’s also known for the cemetery with the devil’s chair. There are stories that supposedly if you sit on the chair after midnight the devil will make himself visible to you. Legend also says if he does he will whisper unimaginable things that will end up tormenting you until the day you die.

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Fake Stories Or Paranormal Hotspot?

The other story is that if you leave a full can of something like beer or soda. Supposedly in the morning the can will be empty but the can will still be closed.  Apparently, the can will somehow be drained of its liquid by some dark forces.  I don’t think this is true at all and probably was created as some campfire stories. However, there are those who have GONE and had some rather odd experiences. Could it have been the devil? Probably not, but could it be something else? It’s a cemetery so who knows what’s lurking in there from this and that side. 

**  If you DO decide to visit this place, PLEASE be respectful don’t trash it or destroy anything in the vicinity. Get permission before you go, the place is heavily patrolled!  

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