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 The Legend Of Lizzie Borden 

Now most of you already know the sick history behind the the Lizzie Borden murders. The house were  Andrew and Abby Borden were smashed to death with a hatchet/axe, and a week later  Lizzie Borden was arrested for murder. However she was eventually acquitted of the murders and while some say she did it, and others say she didn't.

Now even though she may or may not have done it, 2 people died horribly which left behind an evil energy. Every now and then these energies play over and over like an old horror movie, the same way they do in what some people call the most haunted house in the United States…. The Sallie House.


Checkout a video on the Lizzie Borden House Murders/ Lizzie Borden Trial 

The Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast 

Yes it's true, it's been turned into a luxury bed and breakfast, and yes now anyone can reserve a room and stay in this place. There are other haunted bed and breakfast locations like the Story Inn in Indiana and the Dauphine House bed and breakfast in New Orleans.They also hold seances at an extra charge, to try and  communicate with the spirits in the house which I find a bit disturbing, but every ones entitled to their own opinion. 

If you're interested in reserving a room checkout their site>>>>>>


7 thoughts on “The Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast | Would You Stay?”
  1. Yes I have stayed in the murder bedroom , we slept fine until I had to go out in the hall and use the rest room when I got back to bed I heard footsteps! And when I was discussing this at breakfast the girl in the next bedroom said she also had to get up so I guess I know whose footsteps I heard………….I hope!

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