This Infamous Bed And Breakfast Was Once The Sight Of A Double Murder

 The Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast 

The Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast has a horrifying history behind it. The Fall River, Massachusetts inn was once a home where a double murder took place at. In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were both smashed to death with a hatchet/ax. A week after the murders happened, Lizzie was arrested for their murders. Eventually, she was acquitted of the murders and cleared of all charges. However, there are those that still think she was the one who committed the heinous crime.

The infamous location is now a bed and breakfast and also a museum. A lot of paranormal groups have done investigations while inside of the house. Many have caught a lot of interesting evidence that can prove there is something still inside of the house. On numerous occasions, paranormal experts and guests alike have reported seeing and hearing things coming from empty rooms while inside of the house. Could the spirits still be there looking for a way out?


Check out a video on the Lizzie Borden House Murders/ Lizzie Borden Trial 

Massachusetts Most Haunted Inn

There are other haunted bed and breakfast locations like the Story Inn in Indiana and the Dauphine House bed and breakfast in New Orleans. However, the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast is an overnight stay like no others. Do you think you would be brave enough to stay the night? 

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  1. Yes I have stayed in the murder bedroom , we slept fine until I had to go out in the hall and use the rest room when I got back to bed I heard footsteps! And when I was discussing this at breakfast the girl in the next bedroom said she also had to get up so I guess I know whose footsteps I heard………….I hope!

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