Strange And Creepy Random The First Full Moon of 2021 Will Have You Howling This Week!

The First Full Moon of 2021 Will Have You Howling This Week!

The First Full Moon of 2021 Will Have You Howling This Week! post thumbnail image

The First Full Moon Of The Year

The name came from Native American, Colonial, and European heritage as this is the loudest the wolves howl all year. The “Wolf Moon” will rise on Thursday, January 28th. It will be the first full moon of the year and will illuminate the night sky. Most of us will probably not be able to see the full moon if it’s snowing or cloudy. But for those of you who get to see it, embrace it because It’s supposed to be a lucky one.

Wolves howl for various reasons, at first they thought it was because of hunger due to the long winter months. However, wolves howl in various towns in order to communicate with the rest of the wolf pack. This includes defining territory, locating other pack members, and coordinating hunts. This is could be a big reason they howl so loud, it’s the first full bright moon of the month. This full moon has also been referred to as the Cold Moon or Freeze Moon, because of the cold wintery temperatures.

If you’re able to see the moon you’re also in for a treat. Mars will appear as the closest and brightest object next to the moon. It will be directly above the moon; however, you won’t be able to see Venus until the early morning hours. So if you have a telescope or a pair of really good binoculars, get them ready for this Thursday.

Video Source- The Secrets Of The Universe

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