Create Your Own Night Time Space With Your Very Own Moon Garden

Create Your Own Moon Garden

There are those of of us who enjoy the silence of a moon lit night. Now imagine being able to enjoy a garden full of flowers that only blooms at night.

How cool would that be?

Well today we are here to say that you can have a garden that blooms during the full moon. All you need is a little know how, some flowers that bloom at night, and a green thumb or a moon thumb in this case. The plants in the picture below are called “moonflowers” and for a good reason. They only bloom during a moon lit night.


There are some species of moonflowers that are very poisonus so you just have to keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind when planting these flowers is the season that you’re trying to grow them in. There are flowers for the Spring, Summer, and Fall. So you have to do some research on which flowers you want to plant and when you want to plan them.

There’s also other ideas you can utilize like using some type of glow ball, maybe a string of lights, something that will accent the garden even more. You can get super creative and even use glitter or glass in abstract ways to enhance your garden. Check out the video below we found by Growveg for some cool ideas on how to create your own garden.

Video Source – Growveg

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