Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Flying Monsters Of Papua New Guinea

The Flying Monsters Of Papua New Guinea

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The Flying Monsters 

Deep within the jungle of Papua New Guinea there's supposedly some strange flying monsters. Now while some are saying that these monsters are actually some type of prehistoric dinosaur that has evaded extinction and capture for all this time, others are saying that this is something else. Now while there have been a few videos and even pictures of these creatures, no one really knows for sure what they are or if they're actually real. 

Scientist have proved that the videos and the pictures aren't fake, so there's something actually out there, now could it have been a clever set up in order to create such an elaborate hoax? 

Who knows! 

But what is known is that this area is very large and much of it is uncharted territory, so for something big like this to hide it could be a possibility given the area that it's in. Now locals have reportedly come into contact with these creatures and they say that they're real. Take a look at this video we found, it's a Monster Quest video documentary where they go into the jungle and see if they can actually find this thing. 

Do you believe it's real?

The Flying Monsters Of New Guinea 

SOURCE – Paranormal Tv/Monster Quest –

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