Okiku The Doll

Okiku The Doll

The Haunted Doll

Some of you may remember receiving a gift as a child, and sometimes there was something off about them. Maybe it was a toy, a jewelry box, or a doll in this instance. It seems as if there are a great deal of haunted dolls. Just take a look on EBay and you'll see the various sales going on. Now whether or not any of the dolls for sale are haunted or not that's another question. But every now and then you run  into a doll like Okiku The Doll

The story about Okiku The Doll is a little bit different than the other stories. The doll doesn’t do anything crazy to anyone or cause any problems at all, but it does do one very odd thing.


Now the story behind the doll isn’t one that’s going to make you cringe or freak you out, but it’s rather a very sad story. Now some say that the spirit that’s in the doll or supposedly in this doll is a restless one, but who really knows.

Check out the video story Okiku The Doll below!



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