A Terrifying Look At The Tales Of The Navajo Skinwalker |The ShapeShifter

The Navajo SkinWalker

The Navajo Tribe believes the “Yee Naaldolooshi” or “Skinwalker” is a shapeshifting human that can transform into animals. The Najavo Skinwalker is said to be a medicine man or a witch that uses dark magic in order to transform into its desired beast of choice. In order to become a skinwalker, one must first perform some pretty heinous acts. Some involve murdering people, even those close to you in some evil ritual.

Generally, the Navajo skinwalker is seen as a coyote, wolf, fox, eagle, crow, or owl. They also have the ability to transform in and out of each one at will. Apparently, they have also gained other supernatural powers. They have the ability to instill fear in those that they come across. Some have said to have almost been frozen in place when they came face to face with it.

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Navajo Legend Or True Story

The popular show Skinwalker Ranch has highlighted the stories of supposed real life skinwalkers. Also a lot of other creepy things including the likes of alien phenomenon. Some say the skinwalkers accessed their powers through otherworldly beings that could possible be aliens and not demons. What do you think about the story?

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  1. I see him every nite. Feel him behind me.. have heard two talking but see no one.. and dogs are missing.. and my cats killed in my home… im not crazy. I looked up what i been seeing and o my god.. i don’t know what to do..

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