A Terrifying Look At The Tales Of Navajo Skin Walker|The ShapeShifter

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The Navajo Skin walker

The Navajo Indian tribe believe in the “yee Naaldolooshii” or “Skin Walker”,  the Indian version of the real werewolf story in some sorts.

However unlike the werewolf the skin walker is able to transform into whatever animal the witch or dark medicine man prefers. Now they believe not every witch or medicine man is a skin walker, however it is believed that every skin walker IS A WITCH! 

The only way to become one is to obtain high levels of supernatural powers through means of black magic, not just any kind of magic. But the person who becomes a skin walker supposedly has to do some pretty messed up stuff to obtain this power. 


Navajo tribe facts 

Generally the skin walker is seen as a coyote, wolf, fox, eagle, crow,or owl, and have the choice to change when they feel it’s necessary.These creatures have said to have supernatural powers, they’re incredibly fast, agile, able to read minds and are able to make you freeze with fear. 

The initial purpose of a witch transforming into a skin walker is to do harm against someone else. While most people will deem this as being fantasy, others say otherwise…


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