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The Congelier House

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Conglier house was built in the 1860s. The house sits int he the Manchester neighborhood on the north side of the city. This is believed to be the most haunted house in the United States. That’s a pretty bold claim considering the number of haunted houses there are.

Tales and stories of some rather terrifying things have been told about the house. The house’s history is shrouded in death and misery. But are all the stories true or is it all made up? Could it be the violent past that has opened up some kind of energy rift?

The House Of Horror

What is know is that this house has inspired shows like American Horror Story. Some say that the house holds the tormented spirits of the past. Those who couldn’t move on and still have some kind of agenda to finish.

Some say it all started when the wife of the owner found out that the owner was having an affair with the maid. She ended up killing them both with meat cleavers. It’s said that she was found sitting in a rocking chair singing lullabies to the maid’s head.

This is only the beginning of the gruesome deaths and horrors that took place in this house. It seems as this house was a magnet for negative activity. Throughout the years it’s been said that this house was built with guidance from the devil. Video Source –

DOGMAN Encounters With Jeffrey Nadolny

Would you stay the night in this place?

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3 thoughts on “The History Behind This House Is So Messed Up It Inspired American Horror Story”
  1. Course I would. With loads of cameras and stuff.

    My friends know for a face I'm completely incapable of faking evidence or even editing videos properly. If there was activity and I caught it, they'd have to believe.

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