Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Cryptid Messages Of John Titor: Time Traveler Or a Hoax?

The Cryptid Messages Of John Titor: Time Traveler Or a Hoax?

The Cryptid Messages Of John Titor: Time Traveler Or a Hoax? post thumbnail image

The John Titor Messages

Could These Messages Be From The Future?
We’ve all heard of people who are supposed time travelers, that had some type of message for humanity, but most of the time these messages are nothing more than nonsense. But every now and then we come across a story that makes you think twice about things, the John Titor messages is one of those stories that will make you scratch your head.

Years ago there was a public forum for conspiracy theorist, ufo talk, and other things that was visited by a guy by the name of John Titor. John started posting  various odd messages stating that he was from the future.

At first people thought he was another wacko looking to get some attention from people on the forum, but as time went on the messages began to get complex and even more mysterious. 

Some people investigated WHERE the source of these messages were coming from but they couldn’t find one which was really odd. The messages went on for years and not one person was able to trace his location, connection, or anything at all which was pretty hard to do at the time this forum was around. 

The oddest part was the messages about time travel and things that would happened and future technology. His descriptions and messages weren’t like anything else anyone had ever seen before, so could he have been from the future? 

Check out the videos and see for yourself…. 

Do you think these are messages from the future or some wacko that was bored and took a prank to another level?

Check out the strange messages!

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