A Spooky Look At The Town That Inspired The Movie Silent Hill

The Town That Inspired Silent Hill

If you’ve seen the movie” Silent Hill”, the movie about the town stuck in some post-apocalyptic type of void. A place between realities, somewhere between this world and the world of the dead.
Those who entered the old town ended up in the void but never made it back.  So it’s just like that? well not exactly, but this place inspired the movie… Centralia, Pennsylvania. 
If you’re looking for a place that has creepy creatures and an entrance to a void of horrors, this isn’t the place. However, this town is frightening enough to give you nightmares.
We’ve never actually been to Centralia, but we know some people who actually have. They said it’s very creepy and eerie. The fires down below are still burning and the place is JUST like the creepy-looking location in the movie.
Imagine a place that is completely abandoned that’s still smoldering from down below. Would you be brave enough to walk around a place like that at night?
Check out the video we found by NJPREPPER and let us know your thoughts! Have you ever been there before or know someone who has?


Check out the video on Centralia, The Real Silent Hill


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