A Creepy Look At One Of Most Haunted Locations On The Planet- The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Could The Great Wall Actually Be Haunted?

The Great Wall of China is one of the most widely known and recognizable landmarks on the planet. It was built in a great time of warfare and served as protection from invaders, but others think it was created in peace to section off various parts of the land to avoid further conflict.

The wall was a massive undertaking and took a very long time to complete the entire thing. Imagine starting this process and really thinking about the ultimate goal and what it would take to really complete this project. 

The process was anything but a good time, it’s been said that at least 1 million people if not more died in the creation process of the wall. Most of these people were slaves and were actually worked to death and buried either next to the wall or within the all itself.

The World’s Most Haunted Wall

Others died of accidents and were also buried near the wall or placed within the wall. So you have to think that some of those spirits are still around the wall probably still working on it as you read this. Imagine the anger that some of those spirits are still filled with if they’re actually aware of what happened to them.

Tourists frequently complain of feeling very uneasy, some report of feeling nauseous and have headaches and body pains when near the wall. There are certain areas where this gets really bad for some people, and even the guides themselves stay away from certain high energy centers. It’s been also reported that various tourists have been harassed by these dead workers; it seems as if they aren’t happy that people are here.

Some people have been punched, kicked, pushed, and even choked on certain occasions, the only thing that scares these ghosts away are fire crackers!



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Source – list 25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gdDAP8b0tY

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