Strange And Creepy Random 5 Predictions For Future Humans

5 Predictions For Future Humans

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5 Predictions For Future Humans


People have always been predicting things and what's to come in our futures. Sometimes people get things right and most of the time we don't get anything right at all. We can only guess or guestimate what's going to happen, but we will never be 100 percent sure, well at least that we know of unless we have already developed time machines. The closest to this we can come is through science and understanding how things work and process over time. 

One thing we can understand is the fact that we've been destroying our planet for too long, soon the consequences of all the things that we're doing will become evident if we don't change. We really don't need any crystal ball or anything like that to understand that we're destroying our home. If we keep beating at it it;s going to eventually give way and collapse, and then my friends it will be the end of all of us. 

But in this video there's some really scary predictions, a couple of them are rather interesting. 

Let us know what YOU think! 

5 Predictions For Future Humans 


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