The History Behind Halloweens Past Tradition: Bobbing For Apples

The Origin of Bobbing For Apples

Have you ever wondered where some of the strange Halloween traditions like trick or treating or bobbing for apples came from? We partake in various activities like these and don’t really think about where it came from. Bobbing for apples isn’t the most sanitary of things. You stick your head in a giant tub full of cold water, your objective is to pull out an apple with your teeth. It’s something we used to do, not something I don’t think will happen in the years to come due to the Pandemic. 

Bobbing for apples sounds pretty silly when you think about it. We’ve all done it one point in time, or know someone who has. Today you’re going to learn where it all came from. Why we bob for apples, and why the tradition has survived all this time. Check out the video below by Flow Of Wisdom and let us know your thoughts. Have you ever bobbed for apples? Did you know the history behind it all?

The Origin of Bobbing For Apples

Source – Flow Of Wisdom 


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