This Urban Legend Will Make You Never Want To Get On Another Bus Ever Again

The Bus Driver Urban Legend

There are urban legends and internet urban legends, what’s the difference? Urban legends are the stories that have been told via word of mouth. Internet urban legends are the ones that have been created and recycled via the internet. The “bus driver” urban legend is one that has been told for decades. You may have even seen a few scary movies include this creepy urban legend in their stories. Sometimes we hear an urban legend and just laugh it off, other times they make you cringe. This is one those stories you hear and always remember when you’re reminded of it.

Check out the video story and let us know your thoughts.


Source – Creepsmcpasta 

Internet Urban Legends Or Scary True Story?

When you hear urban legends like this one, it kind of makes you cringe a little bit. Imagine getting on a bus and being taken to the an asylum on accident. It’s obvious no one is going to believe your story and that you’re not a patient. They probably wouldn’t believe anyone on the bus, so you would all be in the same boat. It could happen if someone like the bus driver wasn’t paying attention, or had something else on his or her mind. What would you or could you do if something like this happened to you?

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