This Former Circus Family Theater Is Going To Be Transformed Into A Haunted House This Halloween

The Haunted Theater

Barboo, Wisconsin’s Al Ringling Theater is planning on reopening this October as a haunted house. They are also planning on showing movies like “The Shining” as well many other horror classics. Their hope is that by late fall they will be able to return back to live performances, but nothing is certain at this point. The current health emergency sidelined all of the year’s events that included 28 performances, art exhibits, movies and more. They are trying to keep the location active somehow and came up with the idea of a haunted house.

Executive Director Tom McEvilly said.

“In these challenging times we have zero income and yet we still have expenses,” McEvilly said. “We have utilities, insurance and repairs, and if anyone out there who loves the Al. could give us a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.”

More info on the haunted house will be released later in the summer. The whole premise behind the haunted house is that a haunted house is naturally socially distanced, so an event like this would be a safe and really cool alternative. There are already stories of creepy things going on within the theater at night. Many who have visited say the place is haunted, could it be the spirits of the past trying to catch 1 more last show?

Check out these videos we found of the Al Ringling Theater and the Ringling Mansion in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Interested in learning more about their place? Check it out here > Al Ringling Theater

Video Source –Don Stailey

Video Source – Ghosthunter Marcia

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