The Psychological Horror “Blair Witch” Game Arrives On PS4 Dec. 3rd

Prepare To Be Afraid

Blair Witch, the the psychological horror 1st person game is making its way to Sony PlayStation 4 this December 3rd. The game is currently available on PC and XBOX One and comes with additional content called “the good boy pack”. It involves a dog by the name of “Bullet” that accompanies you along your terrifying journey.

The game takes place in 1996 just 3 years before the 1999 film. It involves a troubled police officer that gets involved in the strange disappearance of a young boy in the Black Hills forest. The game starts out ordinary but has a very creepy vibe.

Once inside of the forest that’s when things take a scary turn for the worst. You get immersed in another terrifying world that of the witch. You’ll have to find a way out while also trying to find the child that vanished. The game promises to scare the living mess out of you.

Will you be playing the game?

Check out the video post we found by Gamespot and let us know your thoughts!

Video source – Gamespot

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