Strange And Creepy Christmas Daughters Insane Christmas List Shocks Father

Daughters Insane Christmas List Shocks Father

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The Crazy Christmas List

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When we were kids we always were told to make out a Christmas list for Santa Claus. Usually when we made Christmas lists they were modest ones, well for the most part. But what if your child made a Christmas list that was beyond….. well crazy for some.

Honestly I think it would be crazy for the majority of people. Imagine a list that was over a sheet long that tallied over 10 grand….Not to mention a list that was made by a 10 year old!

Yup 10 grand!

What would you tell your child if they brought you a list like this? I know someone kids get whatever they want, but the majority of us that like to give your children a modest Christmas, this is beyond comprehension. We do know that this years popular items that kids are asking for are Airpods and Louis Vuitton items.

That right there is going to cost you a pretty penny if that’s on your child’s Christmas list. Would you

Check out the video we found by CBS New York and let us know your ghouths!

Video Source – CBS New York

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