The Tower Of London – A Look At England’s Most Haunted Location

Tower Of London

England’s Most Haunted Location

England’s most haunted location is said to be a terrifying place at night. The tower was built around the year 1066. It’s had a long and somewhat horrifying history for a good part of it. The tower served as a prison and even as a zoo. Guests and workers have reported seeing spectral entities moving around the tower at night. Others have seen bears that could possibly be one of the spirits from the zoo.

Other reports of various paranormal incidents have been reported throughout the decades. The ghost of 2 small scared children holding hands have been seen inside of the tower. Supposedly when they are seen they are terrified of something. Stories say it was their uncle, the Duke of Glocester had the murdered because they were deemed illegitimate by the parliament.

Video Source-  Weird History

The Tower Of London

England’s most haunted location has some rather terrifying stories behind it. The horror story of the woman who was executed, but not before the axeman messed up and hit her shoulder. He had to chase her around the tower and finally finish her off. You have to imagine an act so heinous and vile would live throughout the ages. Workers and guests alike have reported hearing screams and seeing her running around the tower.

Would you be brave enough to spend the night in England’s most haunted location?

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