Paranormal Group Captures Some Pretty Incredible Haunted Activity During “Live” Interview

Our friends at PSPR Paranormal Pursuit have been interviewing some pretty cool paranormal investigators, groups, and others in the field. They also do ghost hunts at some of the creepiest locations you can think of and have some very interesting videos.

But on this occasion some rather intense things started to happen while LIVE on camera with the Haunted Side paranormal investigative team. I mean how many times do you think someone caught something live on camera that’s this creepy. The events they end up hearing and witnessing are pretty intense and hard to explain.

There are some crazy sounds heard throughout the video and some rather hair raising things. But at the 1:51:01 mark you can clearly hear a woman’s voice repeat the word “WOW.” The insane part is that they are alone in the house. The other crazy thing is around the 1:30:02 mark they start to explain the history of a woman who died where they were at during the interview.

Then later on some other creepy stuff starts to happen. All this happened while they were live and while viewers were tuned in. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts!

Also if you’re looking for a awesome paranormal channel, check out PSPR PARANORMAL PURSUITS channel and subscribe to them!

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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