A Paranormal Investigation Of One Of The World’s Most Haunted Houses

The World’s Most Haunted House

With its already disturbing history, The Bellaire house seemed to be doomed from its inception. Even before the house was constructed in 1904, the nearby mines had suffered a lot of loss of life due to various accidents. Some say the stains of these tragedies left a bleak mark on the surrounding land.

Others say that the reason the house is so haunted is because of the occult practices that happened in the house in the early 1900s. One of the previous owners lost his sister in the house and became so engulfed in the occult and trying to contact her that it’s possible various portals or dark dimensions.


According to a lot of mediums and paranormal experts, the sad and grieving man opened up various portals all over the house without even knowing it. The house became some sort of super-center for the paranormal, and eventually, it gained the reputation for being one of the most haunted houses in the United States.

There have been numerous television shows, paranormal groups, mediums, and experts that have ventured into the house. Most of them agree that the house is extremely haunted, and today we found 2 videos that will showcase some of that activity.

Video Source – Paranormal Quest

Video Source – Paranormal Quest

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