The True Story Behind The Movie “The Entity”

The True Story Behind The Movie “The Entity” 

Our homes are supposed to be the places that we’re supposed to find comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. We’re supposed to find safety and relaxation within the walls of our homes, but what if you didn’t have that? What if your home was your biggest threat and you became victim to an abusive thing that you couldn’t see?

Most people would think about just packing up and moving away, but what if you didn’t’ have the funds, nor means to do so? You have children and a job that you can’t leave, you don’t have enough money to go to another home, so you stuck, what then?

This is the case of the Doris Bither and the Entity!

Some say that this case was the biggest paranormal case ever in recorded history. The house that this happened in looked like your everyday average house. But something dark and evil resonated within the walls of this normal looking home, and the family inside were the victims. But once the investigators started to dig deep into the family and their history, they found out some surprising things.

There was a lot of violence in Doris’s history, and there was still some in the house, within the living realm that is. Maybe the entities fed off this energy and manifested themselves in a manner that they had enough power to do whatever they wanted to do. Some say that it was all in her mind, but those who investigated the case say otherwise.

Check out the story and you be the judge, real case or fake?

The House Where It Happened!

SOURCES – Matthew Horstman , Scientist X 

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