What “Seductive” Halloween Costumes REALLY Look Like On People

If you’ve ever been to a Halloween store, you’ve probably come across a few of the really seductive costumes. Maybe you’ve purchased a few in the past, or just casually walked by them. But have you ever stopped to wonder what everyday people actually look like in those costumes?

Just recently there was a big debate over some of these seductive costumes. Apparently no character is safe from the thrill of these types of costumes. Characters like Mr. Rogers have been at the front of some heated debates on whethr it’s right or not to portray the character in that way.

Now we don’t see any problem with these costumes at all. If you’re comfortable in a costume and it’s something you enjoy, then more power to you. However, some people hesitant on trying some of these on and for a good reason. Most costumes already don’t fit well. Most are made from cheap fabric, so we can only imagine how some of these fit.

If you ever wanted to try one of these on but can’t get yourself to do it. Check out Cosmopolitan’s video of 5 random ladies trying on various costumes.

Would you try any of these on?

Video Source – Cosmopolitan

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