Strange And Creepy Haunted - United States This Louisiana Home Is So “Haunted” It’s Being Given Away For Free!

This Louisiana Home Is So “Haunted” It’s Being Given Away For Free!

This Louisiana Home Is So “Haunted” It’s Being Given Away For Free! post thumbnail image

Haunted Louisiana Mansion

A haunted Lousiana home is said to be so haunted it’s being compared to the Amityville Horror House. Imagine having to go into quarantine in a house like this. You probably wouldn’t be bored because whatever entities are in the house are going to keep you alert and busy. But before you get the holy water and crosses out, this house isn’t the type that has a gate to hell or anything like that.

The four-bedroom house is located in Youngsville, Louisiana and is said to be haunted by the past owners of the house. It seems as if the original owners haven’t gone anywhere. Tenants who have rented out the place have heard noises and had some rather really creepy experiences while inside of the house.

Not too many people are interested in the house because of the ghost stories. It’s an old home with a very haunted past, and the whole comparison to the Amityville Horror house doesn’t help. What is know about the house is that it’s extremely active. Want to know more about the house? Check out the video post below and let us know your thoughts. Would you want a house that was haunted like this?

Video Source – News Today

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