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You Can Eat And Stay In Leatherface’s House This March

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On-Set Cinema is back at it again, this time they’re giving people the chance to spend the night in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre House. If you’re a die hard fan and would love to spend the night or even just walk around where all the madness took place in the movie now is your chance.

On set is bringing a very special screening of Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre inside of the actual house. Think about how awesome, yet creepy it will be to watch the movie from inside of the house. The movie be playing on a loop.So you can watch it as many times as you want, or whenever you want while you’re staying there.

They also have board games, trivia, dinner, and a bunch of other activities for the lucky few who get to stay. The admission is $475 and is a 21 and up event only. The stay is like that of a regular hotel, you check in at 4 and hopefully check out in one piece at noon the next day.

Besides being the house of the original movie, you may see a ghost or 2. Rumors are the house is actually haunted. Could it be from all of the energy of the movie, or could some of the past cast who passed on still be there?

Anyways if your interested in checking this out, here is their website > OnSetCinema

If you’re planning on visiting that location, you need to then hit up this next one… THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE GAS STATION! They have BBQ and you can even stay there, check out the post here > Texas Chainsaw Gas Station

Check out the videos we found and let us know your thoughts. Would you go and eat and stay here or would you be too scared?

Video Source- Kyle Nolan Films

The first video we found by FreeSpirits gives you a short view of the house

In this video we found by KVUE you’ll see a short run through of the house and cafe

Sources – FreeSpirits / KVUE / Kyle Nolan Films

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