You Can Now Spend Halloween On The Most Haunted Ship On The Planet

It’s been said by many paranormal investigators and others alike to be the most haunted ship on the planet. The Queen Mary was constructed in the 1930’s and served as a cruise ship until war came. It shipped soldiers back and forth and also served as a floating hospital of some sorts. To make a long story short, this ship carried A LOT of emotions, pain, anger, and more….

Imagine the energy that are still tied to those decks. There are those who say the ship holds at least 150 different known spirits, and at least 50 confirmed deaths. After the war it was eventually turned back into a cruise liner and then eventually sold to the city of long Beach, California.

Ever since then a lot of people who have stepped on those decks has had some type of paranormal experiences. Some a lot more real than others, imagine talking to a person only to find out they were never really there.

Chase the largest cruise ship in the world - Breathtaking Aerial view

Chase the largest cruise ship in th...
Chase the largest cruise ship in the world - Breathtaking Aerial view


Now is your chance to take part in an even like no other. It’s a huge haunted house/ship with actors that are sure to make you think they’re the real deal. It’s Dark Harbor.

For more information on their events, check out > Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Check out the video we found by Sharp Productions, Fractured Compass Productions , and Cow Missing .

Video Source Sharp Productions

Video Source – Fractured Compass Productions

Video Source – Cow Missing

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