Zak Bagans ‘Ghost Hunting For Dummies’ Releases In Time For Christmas

Whether you love him or hate him, the Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans has made quite the name for himself in the paranormal world. He and his crew have ventured to many of the darkest and creepiest places on the planet. If it’s haunted and has a terrifying reputation, chances are Zak has been there. He also owns one of the most TERRIFYING museums on the planet, The Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.

There have been a lot of things happening at his museum, from people passing out, to others being pushed by invisible things. Not everyone has access to the places that Zak does. But if you ever wanted to follow in his footsteps and need a guide, Zak’s got you.

Ghost hunting for dummies offers expert advice on all things ghost hunting. From camera set ups, to how to deal with ghosts and different entities. He offers the A-Z on ghost hunting and what you should do before and after visiting a location.

The book launches on Amazon December 5th. Will you be getting the book or not? Let us know your thoughts…

A video we found by EverdayHorror talking about the book.

Video Source- EverydayHorror

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