19 Insane Signs You Would Have Been Called A Witch In The Middle Ages

Witches In The Middle Ages

Fear is something that is beyond contagious as we all know. One thing is said about something and then all of the sudden everyone panics and gets out of control, but why? Well this person said this and so  it has to be true. That’s when wide spread chaos begins to happen. We’re actually seeing this first hand in various parts of the world as the pandemic continues on.

There are always various ways fear can be spread, in our times it’s through electronics. However back in the Middle Ages things were very different. There wasn’t any social media so word spread from person to person. Back then they were fearful of just about anything and everything. The sad thing was most of the time their fears were totally false.

How so?

Let’s take for instance the fear people had back then of supposed witches. Basically, if you were a woman there were NUMEROUS idiotic ways people would call you out for being a witch. Simply being a WOMAN was enough for someone to be called a witch. If you were a woman who had too much money, yes too much money you could be labeled a witch.


If you were a married woman with too many kids, yup you guessed it right, you were a witch. If you didn’t have enough kids, you could be called a witch. The list goes on and on it’s totally ridiculous. A lot of innocent people died throughout the middle ages because of fear and jealous.

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