Strange And Creepy recipes 3 Horrifically Good Halloween Eye Ball Treat Recipes

3 Horrifically Good Halloween Eye Ball Treat Recipes

3 Horrifically Good Halloween Eye Ball Treat Recipes post thumbnail image

3 Halloween Eyeball Treat Recipes

The other day we were looking for good recipes to showcase for you all and we asked our son what he thought. He said why not find some cool Halloween eye ball treat recipes to share with everyone? He’s always my go to guy for recipe ideas, he’s 8 and is full of ideas that I wouldn’t even think about. So today we’ll be showcasing some really easy and cool Halloween Eye Ball Recipes for you to enjoy with your family. 

Also if you’re looking for more recipes and you can be sure we will be finding a bunch more and showcasing some of our very own, 

This first recipe is brought to you by Weelicous, we decided to showcase this recipe first because it seems to be the easiest one of all the recipes to make. This is a good one for a kids party or just to have around during the fall or around Halloween itself. 

Weelicous Coconut Eyeballs 

Now these next ones are for those of you who have a cup cake addiction. I for one LOVE cupcakes and I can’t get enough of them. I especially enjoy cupcakes that are all decorated, it makes eating them that much more fun. Now these are a little bit more complex to make, but these make for a fun baking experience. 

We found these via Mycupcakeaddiction’s youtube chanenl, if you LOVE cupcakes check out all of their other recipes! 

Halloween Jello Eyes Cupcakes 

Now we saved these for last because honestly I think they look the coolest out of the bunch, as for taste we have no clue which one will come out the best, that’s up to you! But these are sure to get an eye turn or 2 from your guests. 

These look awesoe enough to take your job and freak out some of your coworkers, or if you’re having a party or a get together you can make these up just to a get a quick laugh from some unsuspecting guets. 

This recipe is brought to you via yellowsaffrons youtube channel 


Our hope is that you got a few ideas from our Halloween eyeball treat recipes for this up coming Halloween, it’s coming soon so it’s time to start preparing for the ghoulish treats. We will be showcasing more awesome recipes in the near future. If you have any recipes and videos or tutorials you would like us to showcase, be sure to contact us via message below or at [email protected]. We would be more than glad to showcase some of our viewers recipes as well!

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