The Hungarian Suicide Song

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The Hungarian Suicide Song

The Death Song  

If there's one song that has supposedly responsible for more deaths than any other song it has to be the Hungarian suicide song aka Gloomy Sunday. The song was about the sadness and madness caused by war, but later on it was changed around a bit by a poet by the name of László Jávor ,  His version was called "Sad Sunday" and was about a man who wanted to commit suicide after his lovers death.

There were other versions created but eventually the song was surrounded with myth and legend. It was said that the song was even banned since it pretty much made people want to commit suicide. However this is just stories and no one really knows if this was true or not, what is known is that the song was very popular during the rise of Nazi Germany and all of the evil things that were happening because of it. Some argue that the song wasn't to blame for and that people were already planning on committing suicide, but others aren't so sure.

Could it have been some type of placebo effect that caused all of these people to commit suicide while listening or after listening to this song?Check out the video below we found by Kausal Kishore

Video Source – Kausal Kishore


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