This Song is Supposedly Responsible For More Deaths Than Any Other

The Hungarian suicide song

The Hungarian Suicide Song

The Death Song  

If there’s one song that has supposedly responsible for more deaths than any other song it has to be the Hungarian suicide song aka Gloomy Sunday. The song was about the sadness and madness caused by war, but later on, it was changed a bit by a poet by the name of László Jávor. His version was called “Sad Sunday” and was about a man who wanted to commit suicide after his lover’s death. There were other versions of this song that were made, but apparently, those who listened to the song didn’t live very long after.

The song is surrounded in myth and and legend. It’s even been said that the song was banned since it was making people commit sucicde. Most of the stories told about the song weren’t proven so no one knows if the stories are really true or not. What is known is the song was exteremly pouplar during the rise of Nazi Germany. Could the stresses of the extreme times be the cause for the all of the sucicides?

Video Source – Kausal Kishore

Was The Song Really To Blame?

I honestly think the combination of a sad sad song and the circumstances surrounding a lot of those people had to come into play when it came to their decisions. I don’t think a song alone could or make someone take themselves out, then again who knows if songs could have subliminal messages encoded inside of them.

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  1. I kind of like it.. Depressing and haunting but beautiful compisition.  Well, off to kill myself.  Take care.

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