Over 50 Dogs Have Mysteriously Jumped To Their Death At This Scottish Bridge

Overtoun Bridge

Scotlands Overtoun bridge has a very scary reputation, at least 50 or more dogs have jumped to their death for no apparent reason at all. No one can explain what it is about the bridge or the area that makes these dogs want to jump off of it in the first place. There isn’t a scientific explanation for what’s going on at the bridge, and why it has an effect on dogs the way it does. What is known is that dogs seem to break loose from their owners and jump into oblivion.

Some locals speculate it could have something to do with the sound of the water down below. Could there be something causing some kind of sound that we can’t hear but dogs can? Could that sound be calling out to the dogs in some kind of way that they end up jumping to their deaths? Others say it could be something paranormal in nature, or some kind of energy vortex messing with these dogs’ minds.

Check out the video by the Science Channel

Video Source – Science Channel

The Leap Of Death

I honestly still don’t understand why after hearing a story like this people would still take their dogs there. After the 3rd dog or story of a few dogs jumping off the bridge in this area, that would be enough for me to keep my dog away from that bridge. Could a lot of these people just be wandering around a path and end up there not knowing where they really are at?

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