Overtoun Bridge – Where Dogs Commit Suicide

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Overtoun Bridge

Where Dogs Commit Suicide 

Before hearing about this story would you even think that a dog could commit suicide? Most of you would probably say no, but there’s a bridge in Scotland where at least 50 dogs have jumped to their death for no apparent reason at all.

This is probably the last place I would take my dog after hearing about this story, and the scary part is no one has any idea or logical explanation for why these dogs are jumping to their deaths.

Some experts believe that it has to do with some kind of energy that makes the dogs want to jump, others believe there’s a supernatural force that’s making them want to jump. However even after 50 deaths there still isn’t any kind of solid explanation why this is still happening.

Some locals believe that the dogs are being tricked by the sound of water. They believe that they’re jumping into a pool of water which ultimately is leading to their deaths. There are other theories behind this phenomenon, but one thing is for sure this place is said to be haunted by the dogs that died here.

Check out the video by the Science Channel

Video Source – Science Channel

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