Strange And Creepy recipes This Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Cake Comes With A Beating Heart!

This Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Cake Comes With A Beating Heart!

This Edgar Allan Poe Inspired Cake Comes With A Beating Heart! post thumbnail image

The Edgar Allan Poe Beating Heart Cake

Edgar Allan Poe’s timeless classic, “The Tell Tale Heart” was first published in 1843. Poe’s story is about a murder, and the heart of the victim ends up under the floorboards. The sound of the beating heart drives the man mad. Poe who only lived to be 40 is regarded as one of most influential authors in literary history.

His work included macabre thoughts, settings, and vivid pictures. There have been countless television and film productions inspired by Poe’s work. Poe is actually considered to be the inventor of detective fiction, and has also been said to be the first writer to make a living solely off his work.


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  • Since his time, countless people have created things that have been inspired by his masterpieces. But honestly this is the first time I have seen a cake like this, especially for a Valentine’s Day office party. Imagine going to work and you have to bring some kind of treat. Everyone brings the normal donuts or cake made by a local bakery. Then all of the sudden you come up to a cake with a beating heart on top of it.

    Would you eat it?

    This is what a Youtuber by the name of Alasdair Martin did when he put up a video of the cake his mom made for his office party. His mother, whose name is Jane M. is a dessert master who comes up with some seriously awesome designs. You can check out her creations on her on her Instagram page, @fancifulcakes. Check out the video post of the cake and let us know your thoughts.

    Video Source – Alasdair Martin

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    Picture Source – @fancifulcakes

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