Now Is Your Chance to Buy an Abandoned Haunted Asylum, Ghosts Included

Not a lot of people are going to jump at the words, “abandoned” and “asylum” when thinking about buying a potential property. Mix in some creepy ghost stories and talk about an insane asylum and the potential list of buyers shrinks even more.

However, purchasing a place like this does have some advantages. How so? Well you could open the place up to ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiast alike.  The asylum is located just north of Terre Haute, Indiana in the town of Bloomindale.

The home sits on 6.2 acres of land and is being sold AS IS for just a mere 200 grand. Not bad for a place that could potentially be haunted. The location could be turned into a haunted retreat, haunted house, and other paranormal type of location. If you want to purchase the building or schedule a tour, contact Eric Wolfe, Prime Real Estate Group.

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Check out this video of a walkthrough by TheProperPeople of another abandoned asylum. This is kind of what you would be getting when you buy an abandoned asylum.

Video Source – TheProperPeople

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