A Creepy Walk Inside The 850 Million Dollar Abandoned Theme Park

The Abandoned Theme Park

It’s the story of a theme park that was supposed to rival the likes of Disney itself. It wasn’t another average everyday theme park that they set up inside of a parking lot. This was the 850 million dollar monster of a place that was supposed to be great.

So what happened?

Beijing’s Wonderland Amusement park was just about complete. The rides were installed, tracks laid, foundation poured, but the money ran out. Then a lot of issues with the land ended up utterly destroying the the entire project at the last minute.


Imagine working so hard on something on for it to fail miserably. It happens to all of us, but not on this magnitude. Now the only thing that is left is a shell of its former self. Check out the video we found by Steve Ronin and let us know your thoughts.

Would you like to explore a place like this?

Video Source- Steve Ronin

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  1. They should have opened without finishing it at the time that’s crazy just to walk away its really sad how someone CV 9uld leave such a wonderful place and walk away it’s a shame someone do something

  2. Now…Why doesn’t some one fix it up, open it….Sell tickets, Make it a fun place for everyone to enjoy, In stead of just letting it sit there and rot. It’s such a shame

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