7 Terrifying Ways Doctors Used To Treat Common Medical Issues

So imagine that you get a cold and you have go to the doctor to get some medicine and treatment it. However, the treatment may require you to get something amputated or stuck inside of you!


What about headache or a neck pain? What would you say if the doctor said he wanted to put a hole in your head to alleviate the pain would you do it?

In this day and age that would probably be answered with a no in a split second or less, but what about back then?

Yeah you’re pretty luck you live in a day and age where medical treatments don’t require some off the wall, wacked out ways of treating commons problems.

I couldn’t even imagine going to a doctor back in the day. I mean I would be more frightened of the doctor and his treatments than the sickness itself. But then again you have to think that people didn’t know any better, so they probably thought well…. THE DOC KNOWS BEST!



What are your thoughts on this?

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