Candyman Reboot To Include Tony Todd But There’s One Catch!

It seems like we are in the day and age of reboots. Every genre has them and some of them we’re excited for and others……. Well let’s just say they don’t EVER try and remake The Lost Boys again!

But will the Candyman reboot be any different?

Well lets take a second and think about WHO is producing the film.


So far every horror movie he has made has been pretty cool in our opinion, so we don’t expect this one to flop or be a hot mess like other horror reboots that have recently come out.

Also Tony Todd is going to be in the movie, but…… not as Candy Man. The actor who will be playing Candyman is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who played a big role in Aquaman.

From the sounds of if it, Tony Todd will be playing a big role in the movie, so at least we have that to look for!

Are we excited for this one to come out? Yup….. How about you?]

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Here’s a clip of Tony Todd discussing his role in the new movie via Sofakingonline!

Here’s a clip of the original Candyman trailer via Fear: The Home Of Horror

What do you think of it?

Are you excited for it, or do you think they should just leave the original alone?

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