Strange And Creepy Virtual And 4k Tours A 4k Night Walk Through One Of The World’s Most Haunted Forests

A 4k Night Walk Through One Of The World’s Most Haunted Forests

A 4k Night Walk Through One Of The World’s Most Haunted Forests post thumbnail image

A Haunted Walk-Through

Japan’s infamous Aokigahara forest has a terrible reputation for being the location where people go to commit suicide. Since the early 1950s, there have been at least 10 to 30 suicides in this forest each year. In 2003 it was discovered that over 105 people had taken their lives in the forest leading to a disturbing record.

The Most Haunted Forest In The World

With so many deaths, Japanese spiritualist says that the loss of life has permeated Aokigahara’s trees, turning them into a sort of record of the past. Others say it’s created a void or an energy center that spirits and other entities now gravitate to. Whatever the case may be the place has a very creepy vibe behind it, even when watching it on videos.

There are so many deaths that have happened that there are signs that give positive encouragement to those looking to wander in to end it all. The signs tell people to think about their life and how precious of a gift it is, and how this will affect their parents and families. Even with those signs people still wander into the forest never to come out again.

This has led many to believe that the forest now harbors dark entities that are drawing people in. Could it be entities drawing depressed people to take their lives in the forest? Whatever the case may be, this place is one spot I would not like to be left alone.

A Haunted Forest Walk-through

We found this video of a night walk in the forest. Talk about creepy, even though you aren’t there you still get those shivers and vibes you can’t get rid of. Check it out and let us know if you would be brave enough to venture in alone at night.

Video source – Rambalac

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