Take This Creepy Jack The Ripper 4k Walking Tour From Your Couch

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour

Jack The Ripper is probably one of the most infamous and unidentified serial killers in the last 200 years. His terror reigned in a largely impoverished area around the Whitechapel district of London, England in the late 1800s.

Attacks always involved female prostitutes that worked in the slums area of the East End of London. He would slit their throats and then mutilate them in a gruesome matter. However, the way he removed the internal organs led investigators to believe he had surgical knowledge. He would repeat the same gruesome process and ultimately he was never caught.

Who Was Jack The Ripper?

No one really knows exactly who Jack The Ripper really was, however, there are many theories of who it could have possibly been. There were a lot of names being thrown out at the time, but nothing ever stuck. The name Jack The Ripper came from a letter that was found by the killer. Some say the letter was a hoax but the name stuck with the killer.

Today you’re going to see a first-hand Jack The Ripper walking tour we found. Let us know your thoughts and if you’ve actually done this in real life or not.

Video source – Joolz Guides – London History Walks – Travel Films

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Picture source – Image by Raygee78

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