This British Museum Holds Some Of The Most Terrifying Objects In The World

Where Haunted Objects Come To Life

Great Britain’s Nottingham Haunted Museum was named one of the most HAUNTED locations in Great Britain in 2019. The museum isn’t anything like you’ve seen before unless you’ve been to the states and have been to the Warrens or Zak Bagan’s museum. The artifacts in the museum all have a story to tell. The stories they do have to tell are usually dark and full of gloom.

That would be why there’s so much attachment from spirits and other entities to these objects. They even have an object called “The devil’s guitar”, and it supposedly summons the devil when you play it. I highly doubt anyone in the museum will let you use it, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to in the first place.

They also have a fridge that used to keep dead bodies cool, as well as a dybbuk box that is said to contain a very powerful entity. One of the smaller but still very creepy items is a doll that was made with a dead man’s bandages. Numerous people have reportedly seen the doll moving around when no one was around it.

Check out a couple of videos we found of this place. If you’re ever in the Nottingham area and want somewhere creepy to check out, this place is it!

Video Source – Dave Hinett

Video Source – Inside Edition

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