Brahms: The Boy 2 Trailer Is Out And It Looks Terrifying

The 2016 hit horror movie “ The Boy” moves into a mansion totally unaware of the dark history behind the home. The young son soon makes a new friend which ends up being a terrible one. The scary part is that his new “friend” isn’t a person, but actually a creepy old doll by the name of “Brahms”.  The story goes on and all hell seems to break loose.

Now it seems as if Brahms has returned for some more scary action in the second movie. The trailer down below seems to show an even darker side of the doll and what’s really harboring inside of it. It seems as if this movie is going to go deeper into the dolls demonic powers.

This movie reminds us of Robert The Doll, the real life doll that is locked up in a museum. The doll STILL causes problems for people and is said to be one of the most haunted dolls on the planet, aside Annabelle. I wonder what would happen if you put those 2 haunted dolls together?

Child’s Play in real life?

Anyways check out the trailer below and let us know what you think…. Will you be watching it?

Video Source – KinoCheckInternational

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