Could This Be The Most Terrifying Doll Collection In The World?

The Most Terrifying Doll Collection On The Planet

Marilyn Mansfield isn’t your everyday doll collector. She has over 500 dolls that would scare the living mess out of you. I’m not talking about a few dolls here and there that look creepy, but the type that you wouldn’t leave in the same room while you slept.

She has spent tens of thousands of dollars on her collection and takes care of them like they’re real. She has some pretty cool dolls that are from movies, and some are probably a little haunted. The majority of the dolls are one of a kind dolls you’re probably not going to find anywhere else.

Don’t worry these dolls aren’t like Annabelle or Robert The Doll. These dolls don’t have an agenda with the living, nor do they harbor any foul spirits that want to do harm to anyone. They just want to scare the living mess out of you, that’s all.

Check out this short video we found by Inside Edition and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Inside Edition

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