Disney Is Apparently Considering a New Nightmare Before Christmas Movie

Nightmare Before Christmas

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According to the Disney Insider, there are some talks about a NEW Nightmare Before Christmas movie. The movie which is said to be one of Disney’s most popular brands through attractions, products, and and more. There have been rumors in the past which were just that, rumors. But now there is a better credible source via Moviehole.com.

The rumors state that if it is remade it will be a live action sequel. Nothing else has been said about the rumors, but for those of you who are die hard fans, this is a good thing. Disney has neither confirmed or denied the rumors as of yet, but there’s a good chance it will happen.


Disney has been rebooting and remaking various movies, and it’s been a long time since the movie has had a remake or anything of that nature. So now a new generation can enjoy the movie new chapters and sagas like they did for Star Wars.

Do you think it would work?

Check out The Nightmare Before Christmas (Making Christmas) scene.

Video Source – Super Ravel

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**Source – Disney Insider/ Moviehole.com

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