A Creepy Walk Around Tim Burton’s Abandoned “Big Fish” Movie Set, Spectre

The Abandoned Movie Set

Tim Burton’s 2003 movie “Big Fish” was set in the fictional town of Spectre, Alabama. An entire town was actually built for the movie, and when the movie was finished the town remained. Although it was just a movie set, anyone who visits it and doesn’t know about the movie may just think it’s an old abandoned town.

The buildings were only a shell and not built up to any building codes. So after almost 2 decades since the movie has passed, the town has fallen into major disrepair. The fictional town is set on Jackson Island, and is open to the public.

The current owners do have plans of rebuilding the location back to it’s former movie glory. Imagine how many people would visit if they did that? Even though a lot of set has fallen apart and some have burnt in fires, there still are a lot of things that will make you remember the movie.

Check out this video we found by GrimmLifeCollective as they journeyed through the town looking at some of its most iconic places in the movie.

Video Source – GrimmLifeCollective

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