Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Zak Bagans And Eli Roth’s “Haunted Museum” – Watch It or Skip It?

Zak Bagans And Eli Roth’s “Haunted Museum” – Watch It or Skip It?

Zak Bagans And Eli Roth’s “Haunted Museum” – Watch It or Skip It? post thumbnail image

The Haunted Musuem

Last weekend the premiere of Zak Bagans and Eli Roth’s Haunted Museum launched. It’s the show about Zak Bagan’s most haunted and prized possessions. The 9 part series takes you on a wild ride behind the history of some of his most haunted objects. On the first show, he showcased “Dollhouse of the Damned.”

Bagan’s gave a short intro on the history behind the haunted dollhouse. He talked about how he found a demonic portal within the dollhouse. He believes the forces inside of it destroyed a young family. Then the show moves into a story behind the story type of show. It kind of gave us an old “Tales From The Crypt” kind of vibe. It also reminded us a bit of the show “A Haunting” but not as scary.

Check out this video post we found on a review of the actual Haunted Museum itself.

Video Source – Fractured Compass Productions

Video Source – Entertainment Tonight

Watch It Or Skip It?

Each week there’s a different story behind a haunted item. Each show will look and have a different feel behind it as well. The reason being is there are various production groups working on each show. So you might love one and hate another one, the other thing is the production quality. Now I know we aren’t supposed to expect some Conjuring style production quality. However, the show did look a little cheap in a sense, and the acting wasn’t the greatest.

So what’s our overall thought on the show?

It wasn’t bad at all, it was the first show so we hope the show gets better as the episodes go. The story behind the dollhouse was a bit murky and you didn’t really get to hear what caused the dollhouse to become haunted in the first place. We enjoyed this show way more than Ghost Adventures. The problem with Ghost Adventures is that you don’t really see too much at all. It’s just Zak and the rest of the crew screaming and running around saying “did you see that?” As far as the show, it’s set up well and we think it has the potential to be good as the show progresses.

Final Verdict – Watch It

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