Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained A Look At “Mortis” The 6×6 Monster Hearse

A Look At “Mortis” The 6×6 Monster Hearse

A Look At “Mortis” The 6×6 Monster Hearse post thumbnail image

“Mortis” The 6×6 Monster Hearse

Whether you’re into monster cars or not, there’s something awesome yet frightening about a large menacing vehicle with immense tires roaring by. Mortis isn’t you’re average monster car, it was created from scarp parts of all things. Imagine coming up with enough parts to create a 20,000 lbs creature!

Mortis was built by a master mechanic Jimmy Driver. The 20,000 lbs vehicle is supported by 60-inch tires. Imagine having to drive something like this? Would you be nervous or would you be able to handle it? Some of you would probably answer yes, but wait until you can see what it can do.

Many of you who had monster trucks and cars as kids would probably love a shot at driving this thing. I know I would have and still would love a chance to drive one. Anyways for those of you who enjoy monster cars and trucks, check out this video of Mortis.

Video Source Barcroft Cars

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