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Ghost Attacks News Crew In Haunted Pennsylvania Home 

The Most Haunted Home In Pennsylvania 

So if you lived in a home where you're repeatedly being attacked by a dark entity that you couldn't see would you stay there? This is the case for what some are calling the most haunted home in Pennsylvania. Now I'm not the smartest person by any means, but If I lived in a house where some really odd things happened, I don't think I wold be living in that house much longer, would you? Most people wouldn't but then again what if you didn't have any other option at that point in time, what would you do?

Supposedly this house has received so much attention that a local news crew decided to pay a visit and see what was up with the house. They even brought some supposed paranormal experts to see what they could come up with. Some of the things that these so called experts said and brought with them made me think twice about the term "expert". I don't know about you but you'll see in the video what I mean by this. 

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts! 

The Most Haunted Home In Pennsylvania 

SOURCE – Hezekaya Mixologist 


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    1. Na that wasn’t  Ghost Adventures for that one. We have a few posts that have to do with that show, but overall we enjoy all the paranormal type of shows

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