If You See This Ghostly Ship While Out At Sea,You’re In For Some Very Bad Luck

The flying dutchman

The Flying Dutchman 

Imagine being casted away to sea for all time attached to a phantom ghost ship with a ghost crew. No this isn’t part of   movie, this is the Legend of The Flying Dutchman. Most people think that the name the Flying Dutchman has to do with the ship, but it actually doesn’t have anything to do with it at all, it has to do with the Capitan of the ship. Supposedly the guy was insane beyond all belief and didn’t care about anyone onboard including his own safety. He wanted to go around the Cape of Good Hope in a storm that was said to be one of monstrous proportions. His crew pleaded with him to stop and change course but he didn’t care. All he did was curse at the weather and keep drinking and singing songs, supposedly he then went down in his cabin to smoke his pipe and that’s when the crew turned on him and changed course. 

He eventually regained control of the vessel and killed the leader of the rebellion and threw him overboard. That’s when supposedly divine intervention took place and a figure came and told him he was cursed to the seas forever with his crew, talk about bad luck for the guys who didn’t want to be on the ship. 

Is Flying Dutchman story true?

Throughout history there have been many reports of this ghostly ship and it’s crew. But they say if you see the ship that it’s either bad luck for whomever saw the ship or the boat and the crew of the ship. Most who have seen the ship died soon after seeing it, it may have not been on the same day but soon after. 

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